Executive Director

Christie Freir is one of the founders of Children's Truth Foundation. She loves people and has a driving desire to help them find their truth. She has worked in the mental health industry for 10 years as Vice President of a therapeutic organization helping adolescents overcome challenges, succeed and thrive. She found passion in the non-profit sector after seeing suffering and trauma up close and walking in the tender places of life. Her strongest desire is to help people find their inner strength and discover who they truly are, enabling them to navigate their challenges and create their best lives.

Public Relations

HR is one of the founders of Children's Truth Foundation. He has a passion for helping children heal and feels directed to help the innocent find healing and reach their potential. HR is the founder and President/CEO of Renaissance Ranch and Therapia Addiction Healing Center. He is also a Licensed Advanced Substance Use Disorder Counselor. HR has worked in the recovery field for the last 16 years as well as an additional 15 years of finance and business management experience. Through his personal experience in recovery, HR has developed a strong desire to help people understand and overcome the effects of trauma and the disease of addiction.

Dustin Frank
Media Relations Director

Designer and Live Events Operator. Dustin has a background in design and years facilitating experience have given me opportunities to create experiences that inspire and motivate. I have great desire to leverage my expertise crafting clean and distinctive first impressions to bring exposure to any business.

Camilla Frank
Creative Director

Camilla is a co-owner of The Blue Barn. With her fine arts background, she is highly capable of a wide variety of artistic needs. She creates high quality artwork with an accessible price tag. Choose from an existing piece, or commission something specific for your space.


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