Children’s Truth Foundation is proud to announce their partnership with Granite School District to provide trauma and evidence based therapeutic intervention training to their School Counselors, Psychologists, Teachers and Community Centers.

Over 70% of the 75,000 + refugees in the state of Utah fall within the Granite School District footprint. Many of these children and their families have been traumatized by sex/human trafficking, war, displacement and natural disasters, ongoing poverty or persecution, to name a few. When these events occur, these children and their families shut down emotionally to shield themselves from the horrible reality.

After these events, they now find themselves in a foreign land, not understanding the language and culture. They realize that the education and employment that they once had is not as readily accepted or available.

Our goal with the Granite School District Project is to assist the front line Counselors, Psychologists, Teachers and Community Center staff is to better understanding the signs of trauma and do initial and ongoing training on evidence based modalities, ultimately, enabling the children and their families to heal from this trauma and to move forward with their lives free from the chains of trauma.

Initiative Updates

  • Train School Counselors and Psychologists -  monthly training on above interventions.
  • Train Community Centers - Monthly training and implementation of low level trauma interventions at the 23 Community Centers for after school activities.



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